Frequently Asked Questions

    What insurances are included in the price?
  • Civil liability, autocasco (car insurance) and auto assistance within the territory of Bulgaria.
    Do I have to pay anything addition to the agreed upon price?
  • No.
    Can we travel abroad using your cars?
  • Upon payment of the additional fee of €50 EUR for travel abroad and €10 EUR for authorization (Power of Attorney). You only have to inform us 48 hours in advance.

    Attention: Additional documents are required for passing the borders and customs checkpoints of certain countries.
    What should I do in case of a traffic accident?
  • Immediately call the Traffic Police - tel. 112 and ask them to issue for you a protocol from the Traffic Police. Inform us immediately of the incurred damages by calling our phone numbers. In case of large damages, the whole deposit may be retained. You are entitled to a replacement car within up to 12 hours for the territory of Bulgaria and up to 6 hours within the territory of Sofia.
    Is there a limit on the distance run by the cars?
  • No.
    Why do I have to pay a deposit, if the cars are insured?
  • The deposit is compulsory and is payable at the time of renting the car or is blocked via a credit card. The same is subject to reimbursement upon the return of the car after an inspection by our employee for: lack of fuel, burning traces from cigarettes in the interior, external damages to the car without a protocol from the Traffic Police, damages to the undercarriage of the car, tires and wheels, which are not subject to an insured event.